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OpenVMS …empowered


Kednos has closed its doors!

After many years supplying PL/I compilers to OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX users around the world, from October 2016, Kednos will cease trading.  The PL/I compilers, run-time libraries and integration tools will no longer be updated or supported by Kednos.  Licenses for commercial purposes can still be obtained on an "as is" basis, here.

This website will remain as a place to download software kits for those still holding valid licenses.  It is also still possible to request a hobbyist license and use the compilers in a non-commercial capacity.

What is PL/I?

PL/I is a powerful high-level programming language that is a superior alternative to using Fortran for scientific applications, COBOL for commercial applications and C for systems programming. Enjoy using the King of Programming Languages and don't worry about buffer overrun exploits.

Why should you use PL/I?   Find out!    How does PL/I compare to C?

From this site you may download both documentation and kits for the PL/I compiler for OpenVMS for both Alpha and VAX. As well as PL/I Run-Time Library kits for OpenVMS VAX, Alpha and I64. Also, you may download the kits for the PL/I compiler for Tru64.

 *For an etymology of Kednos see the Perseus Project.