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[HTM]00907469-07f94820-0801e7.html 9-Sep-2005 08:2813,393"Example-GKS, PLI STARRY_NIGHT Sample Program"
[HTM]00913b19-c7b51640-33014e.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0223,694"Simple PLI program using common TDMS calls"
[HTM]00913bef-187b4740-1c009f.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0319,932"Example-PLI Using ONSOURCE To Correct SOURCE CONVERSION Error"
[HTM]00913f27-4d930400-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,718"Example-PLI How To Bypass "RECORD DOESN'T MATCH TARGET LENGTH" Error"
[HTM]00914617-9f8aa1e0-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0322,022"Example-PLI How To Convert Data Items Using LIB$CVT_DX_DX"
[HTM]00914629-969cb160-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0422,819"Example-PLI How To Use SMG To Format A Screen Display"
[HTM]0091478f-95e121e0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0321,864"Example-PLI How To Perform A File SORT"
[HTM]00914790-dc4ad6c0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0423,121"Example-PLI How To Perform A Record SORT"
[HTM]00914bb7-96d0a680-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0322,048"Example-PLI How To Create, Write To, And Read From A Mailbox"
[HTM]00914bba-0aec3e60-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,546"Example-PLI How To Perform A QIO Write To A Terminal"
[HTM]00914c47-45f331c0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0319,915"Example-PLI Calling OTS$CVT_L_TZ To Convert an Integer to Hex"
[HTM]00914fa7-8eea5620-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0321,636"Example-PLI How To Perform A CTRL/C AST With A QIO"
[HTM]00915025-389efa40-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,108"Example-PLI How To Use Message Files"
[HTM]0091550b-2bacef00-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,858"Example-PLI Call LIB$FIND_FILE to Retrieve Full File Spec."
[HTM]0091550b-f96b38c0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0322,410"Example-PLI Submit A Batch Queue Entry Using SYS$SNDJBC"
[HTM]0091550d-13b35220-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,844"Example-PLI How To Request A Lock On a Resource Name"
[HTM]009155d5-11486fc0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,219"Example-PLI Using BAS$PRINT To Suppress <CR><LF>"
[HTM]009173d1-f0028060-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0422,591"Example-PLI How To Use SYS$TRNLNM"
[HTM]00918c23-b4fd7aa0-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0322,145"Example-PLI Adding and Subtracting Delta Times For Figuring Dates"
[HTM]00919e14-4e894a80-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0423,400"Example-PLI Translating EBCDIC To ASCII And ASCII To EBCDIC"
[HTM]00919e19-ff4925c0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0424,872"Example-PLI Using SYS$GETUAI To Get Quota Information"
[HTM]0091a38d-9c725560-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,172"Example-PLI Passing a Symbol from a Command File to a Program"
[HTM]0091a38e-8a1d3aa0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,624"Example-PLI How to Call LBR$ Routines"
[HTM]0091a38f-507c0140-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0222,191"Example PLI Calling the CLI$ Routines"
[HTM]0091a395-62c6dea0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,228"Example-PLI Calling LIB$GETSYI To Obtain System Information"
[HTM]0091a52a-3cc07360-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0421,727"PLI Problem Converting Variables To Bit Strings"
[HTM]0091aacc-e97d5300-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0321,291"Example-PLI Passing A Symbol From A Program To A Command File"
[HTM]0091b9bd-dbd56d00-1c009f.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0321,123"Example-PLI Using $FILESCAN To Parse A File Specification"
[HTM]0091d4fc-4ef3e920-1c009f.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,731"Example-PLI Calling LIB$INSQTI, LIB$GET_VM, LIB$MOVC3"
[HTM]0091e1d1-d60f8180-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0222,690"Example PL1 Using Itemlist QIO To Send Escape Sequences"
[HTM]0091fe27-2bbf92c0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0121,188"Example PL1- Determining The Number Of Messages In A Mailbox"
[HTM]00920c23-9e0a0040-1c009f.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0428,486"Example-PLI How To Read The Accounting File"
[HTM]00920e92-95c3b180-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0425,882"Example-PLI How To Access/Modify File Attributes With ACP QIO"
[HTM]00920e93-8b15d140-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,780"Example-PLI Using The B4 Format To Output Hexadecimal Values"
[HTM]00921d47-285505e0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0222,101"Example PL1 Using SMG$SNAPSHOT to Write an SMG Pasteboard to a File"
[HTM]00921d48-835b3800-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0221,144"Example PL1 Using LIB$MOVTC With A User Defined Table"
[HTM]00921d6d-f27a5520-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0223,079"PL1, Run-Time Error Using SMG$CREATE_MENU From A PL1 Program"
[HTM]00923dff-adb48700-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0222,466"Example PL1 Using RECORD_ID_ACCESS To Get And Use Record RFA's"
[HTM]00923e03-2af6d800-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0420,690"Example C/PL1 Accessing The ERRNO Field In C From PLI"
[HTM]00926b2e-866b4380-1c0069.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,570"Example PL1 Using LIB$FORMAT_DATE_TIME To Create A New Format"
[HTM]0092a649-a4ed6300-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,860"Example-PL/I Creating And Linking To An Installed Shareable Image"
[HTM]0092b210-15f73860-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0319,569"Example-PLI Calling A Function That Returns A String"
[HTM]0092ffe9-83196c20-1c0029.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,565"Example PL1,SCAN Passing Strings From PL1 Program To SCAN And Back"
[HTM]009345c0-68b07aa0-1c010b.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0624,590"Files Installed on your VMS System CDA Converter Library"
[HTM]0094cdb7-30188680-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0519,929"How To Give An Executable A Version Number"
[HTM]0094cdba-c7888080-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0321,751"Example-PLI How To Change Terminal Characteristics With $QIO/SETMODE"
[HTM]0094d5c4-62aba720-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,232"Example-PL/I How To Add An ACE To A File Using SYS$CHANGE_ACL"
[HTM]0094d5c7-c1465fc0-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,906"PL/I OUTSIMG Error Linking Program Against Shareable Image With PUT"
[HTM]0094d650-7f755220-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0319,988"Example-PLI How To Pass Arguments From The Command Line"
[HTM]0094d652-57f03740-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0421,003"Example-PL/I How To Install Common Area To Share Data With Processes"
[HTM]0094d654-ee09e580-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0222,384"Example-PL/I Retrieving The Port And Server Name Wiht $GETDVI"
[HTM]0094d656-0fc9ec00-1c01e7.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,792"Example-PL/I Using SYS$SNDOPR To Request A Reply From An Operator"
[HTM]00953661-e60e1d20-1c0096.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0320,211"Example-PLI How To Use LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL"
[HTM]00954ebc-df2bde20-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0321,371"Example-PLI Modify FOP Field In The FAB Using A User_open Routine"
[HTM]0095bcba-773e5380-1c0097.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0423,715"Example-PLI SMG$READ_STRING Using Arrows as Terminators"
[HTM]0095bcbb-3b77c920-1c0097.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,668"VAX PLI Meaning Of STREAM File In VAX PLI"
[HTM]0095bcbb-d460aee0-1c0097.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0423,701"Example-PLI How To Create An Indexed File With CONV$CONVERT"
[HTM]0095bcbc-c0e081a0-1c0097.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,663"PLI - Difference Between FLUSH After A Put And A Write"
[HTM]0095e0b3-88719280-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,720"VAX PLI: FOR DIGITAL USE ONLY MESSAGE During 3.5 CD Installation"
[HTM]0095e0c4-54d2ca00-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,890"PLI-F-AUTOINIT, Error In Automatic Initialization At Runtime"
[HTM]0095e0c5-037276a0-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0427,165"VAX PLI: Entry Points For Callable Mail Not Found In PLI$STARLET"
[HTM]0095e0c6-9f16b660-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0427,937"Example-PLI Using Callable Mail To Display User Profile Info"
[HTM]0096d21d-c1003820-1c0096.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,000"[BASESTAR] INCLUDE files needed when linking applications"
[HTM]0096e0fe-98a0fa00-1c0186.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0525,884"[BASEstar] Using BCC$PARSE... to return data type in DSC$K_DTYPE_Z"
[HTM]00971e68-9fcf3ce0-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,960"[DATATRIEVE V6.0] What Files Are Included in Optional Files"
[HTM]009756ff-bdebb760-1c02a1.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0421,440"[PL/I] PL/I Definition for $FORMAT_AUDIT In PLI$STARLET.TLB Is Incorrect"
[HTM]01jul93cos_pli11.html15-Jul-2008 21:4025,138"Example-PL/I How To Use The Full Callable Interface To TPU"
[HTM]19aug93cos_pli13.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0522,258"Example-PL/I Calling SYS$FORMAT_AUDIT To Format Binary Audit File"
[HTM]champ_src940124006363.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0422,063"[VAX COBOL, PLI] VAX COBOL And PLI Data Type Comparisons"
[HTM]champ_src940308000481.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0422,285"Example-PLI Calling SYS$QIOW With A Long Form Terminator Mask"
[HTM]champ_src961114001506.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0527,755"[DATATRIEVE] Configuring DATATRIEVE on Alpha after Installation"
[HTM]champ_src990601001995.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0425,569"Example-PLI Determining User's Authorized Privileges with $GETUAI"
[HTM]champ_src991029002480.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0519,520"[DEC PL/I] %LINK-I-UNDSYM for DPLI$HND_ESTABLISH_ON_UNIT_FAST"
[HTM]cos_macro13.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0420,195"BASIC PLI Error During Installation of BASIC 3.2 on VMS 5.0"
[HTM]cti_src000309003249.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,225"[DEC PL/I] GET LIST Fails to Read Data into Input String"
[HTM]cti_src890908002146.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0621,572"[OpenVMS] QIO IO$_WRITEOF With IO$M_INHRERTY to HSC Tape Gives CTRLERR"
[HTM]cti_src920728002247.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0421,576"[PL/1] Include File Generates PLI-W-RTB Message"
[HTM]cti_src940809004945.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,388"[DEC PL/I] Behavior of COLUMN() Format Is Different On OpenVMS AXP"
[HTM]cti_src940930001006.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0219,149"[ACMS, PL/1] %DEBUG-E-NOUNIQUE Error When Examining Variable In Debugger"
[HTM]cti_src941005006904.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,446"[DEC PL/I] Fixed Length Files Cannot Be Opened For Keyed Input"
[HTM]cti_src941021000380.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,261"[DEC PL/I] Formatting Pictured Variables With F(w) Format Item"
[HTM]cti_src941024002972.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0219,953"[DEC PL/1] -RMS-W-RTB Error With GET EDIT"
[HTM]cti_src950317002071.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,636"[DEC PL/I] ALLOCATE Fails To Signal AREA, Sets A Bad Pointer"
[HTM]cti_src950602001264.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,695"[DEC PL/I] SYSPRINT Ignores The PAGESIZE(n) Option Of OPEN"
[HTM]cti_src950823005968.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0522,725"[FMS] %FDV-E-UAR, UAR returned illegal code Error on Alpha"
[HTM]cti_src950828007209.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,197"[VAX PL/I] PLI$STARLET.TLB Missing Definitions for SYS$PERSONA_* Calls"
[HTM]cti_src951204006194.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0420,178"[DEC PL/I,VAX PL/I] PLI$STARLET.TLB Modules and Natural Alignment"
[HTM]cti_src960115007526.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,245"[DEC PL/I] Document Natural Alignment in the Reference Manual"
[HTM]cti_src960603002584.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0420,516"[DEC PL/I] Compiler Aborts With %PLIG-F-BUGCHECK"
[HTM]cti_src960911002863.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,411"[DEC PL/I] Initializing External Structures in Multiple File"
[HTM]cti_src970310002111.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,758"[DEC PL/I] V4.1 Compiler Returns %PLIG-I-UNREACH Informational Msg"
[HTM]cti_src980306003376.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0420,350"[DEC PL/I] PLI-F-INTERNAL Returned from Use of Variables in IF Stmnt"
[HTM]cti_src980918000544.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0519,353"[DEC PL/I] PLI-F-UNDFILE Error Returned Using Implicit Open (read)"
[HTM]cti_src981005003953.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0521,317"[DEC PL/I] Fails to Process %INCLUDE Statement in Preprocessor Procedure"
[HTM]cti_src990802003016.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,931"[VAX PL/I] Compiler Fails with PLIG-F-BUGCHECK or PLIG-F-TEXT"
[HTM]cti_src990830001369.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,686"[DEC PL/I] V4.2 PLI$STARLET Missing Symbol Definitions"
[HTM]cti_src990830002405.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0419,794"[VAX PL/I] PLI$STARLET for V3.6 Missing Global Symbol Defs"
[HTM]cti_src990916001951.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,442"[DEC PL/I] V4.2 Listing Displays Incorrect Nesting Level Numbers"
[HTM]dellnm.html11-Sep-2007 09:598,366"Example-PLI How To Delete a Logical name from a Logical Name Table and Pass and Parse Arguments From The Command Line"
[HTM]getmac.html 7-Aug-2008 06:567,561"Example-PLI How To get the MAC, machine address, of a network device using a call to QIOW"
[HTM]ks2-vms000000-02512-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0221,502"Example-PL/I, PASCAL How To Pass A Descriptor To PASCAL From PL/I"
[HTM]ks2-vms000000-02626-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0225,710"Example-PL/I How To Call LIB$TPARSE"
[HTM]ks2-vms000000-02721-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,619"[DATATRIEVE] Debugging Tool For PL/I CALLABLE DTR32 Coding (Example)"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-02174-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0423,998"Example-PLI Using Mailboxes To Communicate Between Processes"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03206-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0221,707"Example-PL/I Use of $SNDJBC"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03238-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0220,235"Example-PL/I V2.2: Use of $QIOW To Output Data To A Terminal"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03270-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,809"Example-PL/I Use of LIB$FIND_FILE To Wildcard In A Directory"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03272-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0220,021"Example-PL/I Using $BRKTHRU To Send Text To A Terminal"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03282-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0220,881"Example-PL/I: Use Of $GETJPI To Retrieve The Process ID"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03340-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0525,376"Example-PL/I V2.3: Use Of $CRMPSC To Create A Global Section"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03341-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0523,186"Example-PL/I V2.3: Creating A Detached Process"
[HTM]kso-vms000000-03442-01.html 6-Sep-2005 19:0520,554"Example-PASCAL How To Pass An Array Of Words To PL/I"
[HTM]rand.html10-Jul-2008 10:125,307"Random Number Generator using Preprocessor to emulate IAND, IEOR & REM"
[HTM]unsigned_integers.html12-Apr-2008 06:202,483"Example-PLI How use unsigned integers as arguments in PL/I"